We build solutions that suits your needs.
One size doesn't fit all, but CloudTDMS solution does thanks to our all-inclusive pricing model.

We believe the standard SaaS pricing model makes no sense for Data Protection and Privacy. In general, you pay SaaS subscriptions as well as additional professional services and trainings. At CloudTDMS, we broke all that down to come up with an offer that makes sense to you.

Whether you are a small team or a company, CloudTDMS shall provide you a custom-tailored Test Data Management Solution to meet all your needs !

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CloudTDMS pricing model provides the right level of profesional services as well as expert guidance to suit your needs.
Here are the different ways you can fuel your data-driven projects with CloudTDMS

Starter plan
Do it myself
Basic needs

Experience what it's like to generate synthetic data with a free CloudTDMS account. Learn at your own pace with CloudDTMS documents and resources at your fingertips. Take advantage of CloudTDMS No-Code platform for self-starters.

Always Free

Team plan
Show me how
Teams with complex needs

With services like specialised guidance, expert coaching, and proactive support with faster response times, we'll help you to fuel your data-driven projects with synthetic data and therefore protect your company.

1 Year Free

Enterprise plan
Do it with me
Businesses with advanced needs

Customer success is our top priority, that's why we created the “do it with me” plan to ensure that you get a custom-tailored CloudTDMS solutions and get the peace of mind needed to fuel your data-driven projects with synthetic data and therefore protect your company.

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Enterprise plan : do it with me

At CloudTDMS, we know that each data-driven project is unique ! To better help you achieve your desired outcomes, our team will put its expertise and strong experience to use.

Unlimited number of users and applications.

Dedicated SSO.

24/7 customer support.

Coaching with CloudTDMS experts

Team plan : show me how

Our CloudTDMS experts will collaborate with your team or service provider in order to advise on key areas of your implementation to assure you will achieve business outcomes.

5 users, 30 applications.

Email and phone customer support.

Coaching with CloudTDMS experts


Starter (Do it myself)
Team (Show me how)
Enterprise (Do it with me)
Users 1 5 Unlimited
Applications 20 100 Unlimited
Streams per application 20 100 Unlimited
Attributes per stream 50 200 Unlimited
Records per stream/workflow 10,000 100,000 Unlimited
Data Discovery & Profiling 20 / hour 60 / hour Unlimited
Dashboard, Logs & stats
Create stream from Data Profiling
Download/Upload of Data models -
Data workflows management 20 / hour 60 / hour Unlimited
Data workflows scheduling -
Data Destination (Outputs) -
Data Sources (Inputs) -
Foundation data (Users Data) -
Local Storage - Retention 1 week 1 month 1 year
SSO with Google & LinkedIn
Dedicated SSO - -
Support SLA Best effort Priority Business
Support channels Ticket Ticket & Email Ticket, Email, Phone & and Conf-call
Customer On-boarding Email Conf-call with Pre-sales Technical Account Manager
Online guides & Docs
Remote Training Sessions -
On-site training sessions - -
Coached by CloudTDMS experts -
PoCs with CloudTDMS experts -
Proactive support (Business hours) -
24/7 Support for critical projects - -
Professional Services - -
Technical Account Manager - -
Custom Dev - -
Hybrid platform - -
Dedicated Platform - -

Why should you use synthetic data ?


Speed & cost-effectiveness

CloudTDMS reduces the Time to Market, it frees time spent on creating test data and on reworks due to defects. Which can be used to focus.



As good as real data, synthetic data can be defined, made and shared in a minute. It could be the only solution when real data is rare or even not existing for new use cases.


Secure by design

100% compliant with GDPR and security policies, synthetic data can be used in the Cloud without exposing sensitive data because it's fully user-controlled and fake.

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