Shaping tomorrow's healthcare with synthetic data

Synthetic data is the new catalyst for healthcare innovations, saving costs, enabling secure and highly flexible data, and ensuring GDPR compliance.

Create highly flexible data tailored for your use case.

Reduce the cost of your data-driven projects by reducing time-to-data, improving quality and minimizing defects.

Make data accessible to your team and partners without constraints while being compliant with GDPR.

Create highly flexible data for your use case

Synthetic data empowers tailored use cases in healthcare through flexible and targeted data generation.

Generate realistic data that mimics the statistical characteristics of real data, meeting your requirements and use cases.

Highly configurable and on-demand synthetic data, empowering the creation of fresh data anytime as needed.

Enable targeted and accurate testing, analysis, and development in healthcare projects.

Drive quality and cost reduction

Reduce the cost of your data-driven projects by reducing time-to-data, improving quality, and minimizing defects.

Decrease project costs by minimizing the time-to-data through on-demand generation of synthetic data.

Improve data quality by leveraging carefully controlled and validated synthetic data.

Create a wide range of data scenarios and realistic test environments to reduce defects and bugs.

Optimize resource allocation by reducing the need for extensive data collection, processing, and cleaning, resulting in cost savings for healthcare initiatives.

Empowering healthcare projects without data constraints

Drive healthcare projects without data constraints thanks to synthetic data. It provides a flexible and scalable solution that liberates healthcare initiatives from limitations in data availability and sharability. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration, allowing teams to share and work with diverse datasets without privacy concerns or data access limitations.

Improve data availability for research and development purposes by generating diverse synthetic data or augmenting restricted real data when scarcity occurs.

Healthcare data professionals can customize synthetic data to meet specific needs, fine-tuning parameters for desired accuracy for various use-cases.

Synthetic data is secure by design : it is the only data you can share safely. It is fully compliant with GDPR, as no link can be made with production data.

CloudTDMS keeps real data away from test environments, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Why should you use synthetic data ?


Speed & cost-effectiveness

CloudTDMS reduces the Time to Market, it frees time spent on creating test data and on reworks due to defects. Which can be used to focus.



As good as real data, synthetic data can be defined, made and shared in a minute. It could be the only solution when real data is rare or even not existing for new use cases.


Secure by design

100% compliant with GDPR and security policies, synthetic data can be used in the Cloud without exposing sensitive data because it's fully user-controlled and fake.

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